School effectiveness

EMPAC resources for schools and children’s centres

To achieve the objectives set out for the EMPAC project a range of resources were developed for use by schools and other educational settings.

Theory of change model

Theory of change – how to map your project (pdf)
Theory of change – blank template (pdf)
Theory of change – EMPAC example (pdf)
A theory of change (TOC) map is a well-evidenced and acknowledged tool for developing solutions to complex social problems. It provides a road map of issues or problems that the project hopes to address and a theory or ‘rationale’ of how and why an intervention might cause an effect. Guidance on how to complete a theory of change map was developed as part of the project.

Family engagement evaluation

Family engagement evaluation (pdf)
The family engagement evaluation assesses the extent to which the school/children centre contributes to the welfare of newly arrived migrant pupils and their families. It also assists in identifying strengths and weaknesses and in setting SMART goals for organisational improvement.

Teacher survey

Teacher survey (pdf)
This is an attitudinal survey that can be used to explore the attitudes of teachers, teaching assistants and other classroom staff towards newly-arrived migrant pupils, their confidence in teaching this group and their confidence in integrating and communicating with newly-arrived migrant parents.

Teacher training

Teacher training (pdf)
A series of teacher training courses were developed and delivered in Ealing as part of the project. The narratives of the training provide an overview of what the training entailed, the target group of staff and the expected outcomes.

Language and cultural background leaflets

Afghanistan leaflet (pdf)
Poland leaflet (pdf)
Somalia leaflet (pdf)

The language and cultural background leaflets provide a quick guide to a particular country that school staff can easily pick up and read. They cover topics such as social customs, etiquette and education and have been produced for Afghanistan, Poland and Somalia.

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Last updated: 14 Mar 2017