School effectiveness

MAGT useful documents

The most able students - an update on progress since June2013 (pdf)

Irchester community primary school good practice example (pdf)

What promotes better achievement for bright but disadvantaged students (pdf

Identifying gifted and talented learners – getting started (pdf)

Ealing’s gifted and talented provision guidance (pdf)

National quality standards in gifted and talented education (pdf)

Ofsted - gifted and talented pupils in schools (pdf)

Ofsted the most able students (2013) (pdf)

Effective provision for gifted and talented children in primary schools (pdf)

Tracking progress of gifted and talented pupils (pdf)

Guidance on addressing underachievement – planning a whole-school approach (pdf)

Key messages for teaching able, gifted and talented pupils. 2004 - KS3 (pdf)

Finding and exploring young children’s fascinations (pdf)
Strengthening the quality of gifted and talented provision in the early years.

Gifted and talented in the early years (pdf)

Nurturing gifted and talented children at key stage 1 (pdf)

Provision for able, gifted and talented pupils – guidance Lancashire LA (pdf)

NCCA - gifted and talented pupils - guidelines for teachers (pdf)

Gifted and talented data analysis document (pdf).
Data analysis of Ealing 2009 data in terms of attainment and progress at the highest levels at primary and secondary schools.

Self - evaluation sample A (pdf)

Self - evaluation sample B (pdf)

Pupil voice (pdf)

Maths puzzles all (pdf)

Research papers

What works for gifted and talented pupils: a review of recent research
National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER)

What works for gifted and talented pupils: a review of recent research (pdf)
Short summary.

A longitudinal study
Exploring the educational experiences and perceptions of students who have been identified as able in the context of a challenging school.

NACE - raising the achievement of able, gifted and talented pupils (pdf)
Guidelines, in workbook format, for schools to audit and extend existing best practice.

White paper - higher standards: better schools for all - DCSF, 2005 (pdf)

Room at the top - Deborah Eyre (pdf)

Gifted and talented – what really works - Deborah Eyre (pdf)

Thinking skills - adding challenge - Robert Fisher (pdf)

Unseen children – access and achievement 20 years on – evidence report – Ofsted (2013) (pdf)

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Last updated: 14 Mar 2017