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SEND bulletin 10 February

Speech and language therapy training

Take a look at the speech and language training programme here. Please use the booking form to request a place and return to

SENDCo conference - save the date

Save the date for the ELP SENDCo conference on Thursday 26 May 2022. Registration at 8.30am, finish at 3.30pm. This conference is aimed at primary SENDCos and secondary SENDCos/Inclusion Leaders

Assessment information for ERSAs/annual reviews

Please ensure that any school level assessment data on ERSA paperwork/annual review can be easily understood by panel members in order for them to get a good picture of the CYP. Take a look at some examples.

Schools can also use the new ranges (1-6) from the Birthto5Matters document from pages 51

We are exploring the use of a LA wide assessment tool – if you have any suggestions, please let Madhu or your Lead SENDCo know.

Ealing parent carers forum – link parent volunteer

EPCF are looking for three more schools to work with them on their link parent volunteer pilot. EPCF will upskill a parent in your school to be able to signpost other parents to services and support available in Ealing. Find out more about EPCF here, and if you are interested let Madhu know.

Ealing parent carer forum annual survey

Find out what parents think about Ealing’s services, processes and support from schools. Here are the results of the Ealing parent carer forum annual survey

Annual reviews

Reminder to give professionals 6 week’s notice to attend/ provide information for an annual review.

Needs descriptors

SEND definition booklet produced by Wigan Council provides definitions of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) as identified in the SEND Code of Practice (Department of Education, 2015). You can use this to help identify and describe areas of need.

Celebrate and share good practice

We would love to capture the good inclusive practice in our schools and provide a space for us to celebrate and learn from each other.

Please complete this simple sharing good practice form to showcase something that you are doing that is supporting inclusive practice and send it in to Madhu.

Panel meeting

I recommend that all SENCos observe at least one panel meeting a year (you are welcome to attend as many as you like). SENDCos and Headteachers who attend share that it is very worthwhile experience, it helps them to understand the process, the questions that panel members ask the EHCCOs and what information is considered before making a decision about placement and funding.

I understand that taking 3 hours out of school time can be challenging so have agreed with SENAS that you do not need to stay for the whole session.

0-14 Panel​

Annual review panel​

Post 16 panel

Tuesday ​

9am – 12pm ​


9am – 1pm​


2pm – 4pm

Afi Oteng​

Daniel Wardle​

Margaret Charles

Whole school SEND

Whole school SEND is a consortium of charities, schools and organisations. They are committed to helping children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) or learning differences reach their full potential.

You can access a range of videos, audit tools, publications for free. The resources are excellent and use many of them regularly.

Support for families of children on the CAMHS NDT waiting lists

Family Support from Contact for families on the waiting list for CAMHS neurodevelopmental teams in Ealing, Hounslow and Hammersmith & Fulham

As part of the project going forwards they will be able to offer some outreach support, i.e. going into up to 6 schools to hold coffee mornings (or online sessions, if schools prefer), introducing this project or SEN support available to families in Ealing from April.

Top tips from a young persons experiences of their review meeting

As part of the London Regional PfA Project they had a brilliant contribution from Ruth, a young person who shared their insights into their experiences of annual review meetings and some simple dos and don'ts. The practitioner group found Ruth's input very thought provoking and asked them to produce a top tips sheet that they could use and share. It is attached here.

Case studies

Examples of case studies as requested from primary SENCos at the Ofsted and Inclusion session.

SEMH review report and recommendations

The SEMH full report and summary presentation with recommendations can be found on SEND and inclusion key documents | Ealing Grid for Learning (

Ealing race equality commission report

Read the Ealing race equality commission report.

Survey about family’s experience with the educational psychology team.

Please pass on to any parents and carers who have recent experience of the service.

Working closely with the Ealing Autism Board: School Age Workgroup, Ealing Parent Carer Forum (EPCF) and its partners (Contact, Ealing Mencap, ISAID, Ealing Anchor Foundation, The Log Cabin) would like to hear from you about your child/young person's experience with the Educational Psychology Team.

Exciting opportunities for older children, from Mencap

Please share with parents:

To apply for these services parent can complete a referral form In this form you are asked to specify which service you wish to refer your son/daughter to.

1. Saturday youth club

An ideal opportunity for young people aged 14 - 18 years old with SEND who enjoy team activities and getting out and about in the local community. We meet every Saturday during term-time in West Ealing before heading off for the day's activities chosen by the group.

This service is open and free for those young people who are not eligible for a social care package/support.

2. Short breaks

We run 20 days of activities each year. We are planning to run a couple of day trips during February half-term which is around the corner so it would be great if information could go out to parents quickly as they still have time to apply (although not long).

Age group: 14 - 18 year olds

Criteria: young people not eligible for a social care package/support, only group support offered.

3. Residential trips

Saved the best till last! Extremely valuable experience for those young people who are transitioning into adulthood and would like to build their life skills, independence and confidence.

We support small groups of young people on 2 trips a year, approximately 2 days each.

We have a trip planned during Easter and May half-term so there is more than 1 opportunity to express an interest!

The engagement model

Follow up session with trainer Topaze Skerrett on Wednesday 16 March 2022, 1.30pm – 2.30pm

You will explore the following questions and have an opportunity to share good practice.

  • How many assessments and how often should they be completed?
  • Who will have responsibilities for the assessments?
  • What evidence is kept?
  • How parents will be included?
  • How does the engagement model fit with current assessment systems?

Book now via Ealing CPD online The engagement model

Education Endownment Foundation (EEF) blog

View the blog about the role of the SENDCo in developing teaching practice.

DfE teacher handbook

DfE teacher handbook launched to support schools to embed inclusive practice

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