Family information service (FIS) 2019/20

This service is available for Academies and Maintained schools


We provide information, advice and guidance for children, young people and families. FIS handles over 2000 enquiries a month.

Financial year 2019/20

For professionals include:

  • Key support service for professionals using the 'early help assessment and plan' (EHAP), including EHAP registration, training and advice, information and guidance
  • We deliver outreach information sessions to venues and at events
  • Manage the directory of services and two facebook pages, Ealing family information service and enable Ealing families
  • Supports development of your information points and information delivery to families.

Families can find out about:

  • Ofsted registered childcare including playgroups, nurseries and childminders
  • Out of school provision including holiday playschemes, breakfast clubs, afterschool clubs and play centres
  • Funding schemes to help with the cost of childcare (including tax credits)
  • Eligibility for the free nursery places for two year olds scheme
  • Children’s centres and the services on offer
  • Leisure activities including sports and clubs
  • Parenting classes
  • Services for young people
  • Family support services.
Additional / buy back services 
  • Schools can request outreach sessions for special events
  • Schools can request an information point and/or literature for parent information points.
Office hours:

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

Planned improvements:

The FIS is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the local community and families that use the service.

Service directors:

Charles Barnard

Additional contact information 

Tel: 020 8825 5588

Further details:

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Last updated: 03 Dec 2019