NQT Appropriate Body 2021/22

This service is available for Academies, Maintained schools and Other schools and settings


Ealing Local Authority acts as the appropriate body (AB). Through its quality assurance role, ensures that a suitable early career framework programme of support is in place for early career teachers (ECTs) and that assessment of NQTs is fair and consistent across all institutions.

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Academic year 2021/22

Ealing Appropriate Body offers:

  • a comprehensive NQT service that ensures all schools are supported throughout the year with their induction.
  • This specialist service offers robust induction systems, ensuring consistency and parity across all Ealing schools.

From September 2021, the AB service will be offered as a traded service.

The AB will ensure a fair system for all schools considering of the number of NQTs per school and membership of Ealing Learning Partnership.

Why choose Ealing Appropriate Body

Feedback from Ealing schools survey 2019:

  • Quality of training /support – ‘outstanding’ 56 % and ‘good’ 44 %
  • Quality of communication – ‘outstanding’ 72 % and ‘good’ 28 %
  • The difference it makes to the children’s outcomes – ‘outstanding’ 50 % and ‘good’ 50 %

Retention continues to be very high – 95% (2020) and 91% (2019).

Additional / buy back services 

All Ealing Learning Partnership (ELP) schools have the NQT AB service included in their subscription for 2019-21

Additional charges

There are additional charges where a school wishes to:

  • Reduce the length of induction for an NQT
  • Extend the induction period for an NQT
  • Determine completion of induction year and exemption from induction year (eg in the absence of relevant paperwork)
  • Request additional bespoke consultancy and support relating to the induction year
  • (administrative charges may apply when registrations and assessments are late).

Ealing also offers an excellent training programme for NQTs, delivered by the LA in partnership with ELP schools, which schools can attend free of additional charge if they buy the separate CPD SLA or access on a pay as you go basis at advertised rates via www.ealingcpd.org.uk

Office hours:

Admin hours Monday to Friday, 10am - 5.30pm

Service directors:

Julie Lewis

More detailed information:

Statutory arrangements from September 2021

Under 2021 arrangements, every headteacher and appropriate body providing statutory induction will need to ensure they meet these new requirements:

  • all early career teachers (ECTs) have access to a programme of training based on the Early Career Framework
  • support from a dedicated mentor through regular one to one mentoring sessions, focusing on supporting the ECT through the 2-year programme
  • the end of the induction period will continue to be marked by a decision as to whether the teacher’s performance against the Teachers’ Standards is satisfactory
  • two formal assessments should take place during induction: one midway through induction, and one at the end of the induction period
  • regular progress reviews to monitor progress, to take place in each term where a formal assessment does not take place.

Appropriate Bodies will continue to play a key role in induction by:

  • ensuring that early career teachers receive their statutory entitlements and are fairly and consistently assessed
  • checking whether early career teachers are receiving a programme of support and training based on the early career framework.
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Additional contact information 

To enquire about the Ealing appropriate body service contact Ealing NQT Induction team ealingnqtinduction@ealing.gov.uk

Further details:

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Last updated: 04 Nov 2021