School improvement support services for primary and special schools 2019/20

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The Ealing Learning Partnership (ELP) is a partnership between Ealing primary, special and secondary schools, together with the council. Led by a board of headteachers and senior LA officers, we promote educational excellence and well-being, for all learners, through collaboration and innovation.

Academic year 2019/20

The new ELP pilot school improvement model was published and launched in 2018. Six ELP committees support the main board in driving forward strategy and ELP priorities. New ways of working will be explored as the partnership develops and all six committees will contribute to the realisation of ELP's overarching objectives. View the ELP committees and reports:

The huge benefits of schools working together in facilitated clusters are emerging as cluster activity results in peer learning opportunities and challenge without threat. The clusters are led by serving headteachers and, in addition, there are four learning communities developing innovative approaches to teaching and learning. These are open to all ELP member schools.

The central team will liaise directly with Ealing’s three teaching schools to agree and shape partnership programmes that meet collaborative priorities. We will continue to broker and signpost expert support for:

  • leadership including headteacher performance management and recruitment
  • governor development
  • curriculum and subject development
  • assessment and moderation
  • SEND and inclusion
Additional / buy back services 

Schools may purchase support for specific functions as a one, two or three day packages in advance or on a pay as you go basis . Schools outside ELP are subject to extra charges.

Primary schools ELP core entitlement

School improvement support, delivered as part of the ELP core. Every ELP school will receive school improvement and wider support and challenge in conjunction with the vision and guarantee set out by the ELP board.

Cluster groups and peer reviews

All ELP schools are invited to join a cluster. The clusters operate in a climate of trust and respect to support schools to be sustainably good or better. The current peer learning model will undergo further development in the light of learning from the first year. ELP clusters will continue to operate around the principle of ‘high challenge-low threat’. Headteachers will have termly structured opportunities to review their priorities alongside colleagues to support each other in finding solutions and to use their cluster facilitator to work on behalf of their collective interests.

Special schools

Special schools are working to develop a Joint Practice Review model. This involves pairs of schools undertaking a review of each other led by a link partner. A day of sharing the collective finding of the reviews supports the sharing of effective practice and the opportunity for thinking and reflecting together on how challenges might be met. Professional development will be commissioned to address shared priorities and to underpin the joint practice development

Assessment and moderation

ELP members will have:

  • Access to high quality training for securing judgement in assessment across year groups and subjects
  • Opportunity to train as external moderator/lead moderator
  • Briefing meetings/papers on new developments, standards and expectations
  • Expert support for cluster based moderation exercises in statutory and non-statutory years
  • Exemplification and planning materials for use in school
  • Support for ongoing professional dialogue across schools

Support for schools at times of need

In addition to the above, schools experiencing significant challenges will receive support in brokering tailored packages from across the partnership. The Securing Good Programme for schools with significant risks is set out in a separate section and in conjunction with the council’s statutory duties.

Office hours:


Planned improvements:

Ongoing development and improvement in collaboration with Ealing schools and Teaching School Alliances as part of the Ealing Learning Partnership and with national and regional hubs

Service directors:

Julie Lewis

More detailed information:

Ealing Learning Partnership, children and adults’ services.

Further details:

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Last updated: 17 Sep 2019