World of work 2019/20

This service is available for Academies and Maintained schools


This two day consultancy package aims to support schools to raise pupils’ awareness about future careers, make the link between learning and the world outside and prevent them from closing down options too early. Schools will choose from a menu of opportunities that will be tailored to their priorities.

Academic year 2019/20
  • Access to broader experiences and role models to support raising pupil aspirations
  • Engaging children from an early age with the wealth of careers and education available in the future
  • Early exposure to the different routes into the world of work
  • Opportunities to influence parent expectations about their children’s future options
  • Increasing understanding about the relevance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects to future careers

‘Children begin to eliminate their least favoured career options between the ages of nine and 13. By those ages, it is argued they will have abandoned the ‘fantasy’ careers associated with the very young and have started to become more aware of potential constraints on their occupational choice’

London Ambitions: Careers Curriculum A Resource Supporting Your Careers Strategy

Additional / buy back services 

World of work package costs £920

Summary of packages available from the school partnership and enrichment team for ELP subscribers:

  • Fundraising support in schools £506
  • Bespoke fundraising and grant writing £1840
  • Harnessing parent power from £255
  • Marketing your school to parents £1380
Office hours:

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Planned improvements:

The extended services team is now known as the school partnerships and enrichment team to better reflect the work that we do with schools.

We have developed a number of buy back packages aimed at supporting schools in areas that we know are a priority such as fundraising, marketing and engaging parents.

More detailed information:

The world of work package includes two days of support that is tailored to the requirements of your school. School leaders will be able to choose from the menu of services below to build a tailored programme for their pupils, parents and staff:

  • Support for school staff and governors to integrate learning about careers and the world of work across the primary school curriculum
  • Opportunities for parents to engage in the world of work programme with pupils
  • Hosting an employer engagement event to broaden pupils’ awareness of careers
  • Access to CPD opportunities for teaching staff in specific subject areas, ie STEM, to introduce engaging and exciting techniques to inspire children
  • Activities, events and resources to challenge gender stereotypes to ensure children do not rule out career paths perceived not to fit with their gender
  • Activities or events to help pupils develop employability and life skills
  • Trips to further education colleges or university for pupils and parents.
  • Identifying and applying for funding to support raising aspirations themed events in school.

School partnerships and enrichment team (formerly extended services team)

Further details:

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Last updated: 16 Jan 2019