Leadership and management - early years

30hr childcare entitlement

In June 2015, the government introduced the Childcare Bill to bring in 30 hours of free childcare for employed families of 3 and 4 year olds. Read more about the 30 hours childcare programme being rolled out in September 2017.

Supporting families

Early help assessment and plan formerly CAF (Ealing Council website)

Ensure your setting obtains an EHAP pack and threshold document. Ensure attendance at EHAP introductory training. If at any point throughout the early years foundation stage (EYFS) significant emerging concerns are identified an EHAP should be initiated.

Ealing Children and Families Directory - family information, advice and guidance

Early years pupil premium

The early years pupil premium (GOV.UK website) is additional funding for early years settings to improve the education they provide for disadvantaged 3- and 4-year-olds.


Monitoring and self evaluation

Ofsted inspection framework from 1 September 2015

Good practice guidance

Ofsted: RIGHT from the start early years good practice films (YouTube website)

Improvement planning

Example improvement plan (word)

Key updates

Ealing early years consultant newsletters (pdfs)

Watch Foundation years website podcasts for updates on Department for Education policy development, changes to Ofsted inspections, SEND reforms and improving early years education

Department for Education - sign up to email alerts (GOV.UK)

Ealing networks and briefing

Keep informed of important updates and take part in discussions and reflections by being part of your local networks and attending briefing sessions, details on Ealing CPD online

  • EYFS leaders briefings
  • PVI managers network briefings
  • Childminder network briefings
  • SEND network meetings.

Early years qualifications

Early years qualification list (GOV.UK website)
The early years qualifications list provides guidance and a search tool to help those delivering the EYFS to identify qualifications that are considered to be full and relevant at levels 2 and 3

Early years teacher's standards (GOV.UK website)
Early years teacher status is awarded to graduates who are leading education and care and who have been judged to have met all of the standards in practice from birth to the end of the early years foundation stage ( EYFS). This document outlines what standards early years teachers must reach. It also provides the statutory assessment guidance.

For further information on teachers standards (foundation stage +) please visit teacher standards on EGfL (see related content link below).

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Last updated: 21 Feb 2018