ECT Manager privacy policy

How safe it is to use the ECT manager

All the information collected is stored on the ECT Manager secure online system. The system operates within a strict System and information security policies. There are clear rules and guidance about storing, recording and sharing information.

The ECT manager uses this information strictly for the purpose it is intended and does not share it with anyone who is not authorised to see it. People who can see the stored information are: the AB lead for the statutory ECT induction, the ECT, the headteacher, induction tutor/mentor and authorised officers administering the system. All who have access to the information comply with prevailing data protection regulations and maintain confidentiality of information.

Who ECT data is shared with

Statutorily the AB must share ECT details with the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) which is done via a direct secure link on the system. All communications via the system are fully encrypted and secure. The data sharing complies with the data protection legislation.


The AB has a duty of care in accordance with the Data Protection policy. This includes respecting that right to confidentiality.

‘The General Data Protection Regulations and The Data Protection Bill 2018’ includes the laws which allow for the protection, collection and processing of the personal information.

An ECT can log into the ECT Manager system with their username and password and see the information held on the system.

Information about the data protection rights can be found at Individual rights (Information Commissioner’s website).

The records are kept on the ECT Manager for 7 years after an ECT completes induction.

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Last updated: 03 Mar 2023

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