Ealing Learning Partnership

Ealing Learning Partnership

What is ELP?

Ealing Learning Partnership (ELP) is a partnership between schools and the council to promote educational excellence and wellbeing for all learners through collaboration and innovation.

Feedback from Ealing school headteacher about the partnership

“…the greatest advantage is working with a fantastic range of colleagues and provisions in a highly ambitious local context …. despite unprecedented difficulties, leaders have relentlessly pursued partnership working”

Impact through partnership

We have been shortlisted as a finalist in the impact through partnership category in The Pearson National Teaching Awards 2024.

ELP 2023 - 2026

ELP offer to schools for 2023-2026

Our core values and the future

Take a look at our 5 minute video about our core values and the future.

    Working in partnership

    Our shared commitment to promoting educational excellence, inclusion and wellbeing for all our learners 2026.

    The document aligns local political commitments (Labour manifesto pledges) with ELP’s 6 aims and articulates the difference we want to make as ELP, statutory services, traded services

    ELP committees action plans

    Read the individual committees action plans (ELP schools only)

    Learning and achievement Developing great teachers, inspiring great learners, and securing strong leadership to maximise outcomes for all learners SEND and   inclusion Working together to improve outcomes for children with additional needs Safeguarding and wellbeing Building the capacity of schools and the resilience of children and young peopleProgression and pathways Every young person on a pathway to sustainable employment/ a fulfilling lifeRecruitment and retention Attracting, developing, and retaining the best workforceBusiness sustainability for schools Supporting schools to spend well for less – efficiency through creative solutions

    ELP evaluation

    Read about the progress and impact of ELP in relation to its key aims and priorities over the academic years in the ELP evaluation reports.

    Choose from the following

    Career development for teachers
    Indicative CPD programmes, National Professional Qualifications (NPQ), Early Career Teacher (ECT) induction and teacher standards.

    Career development for support staff
    Indicative CPD programme for administrators, learning and pastoral support staff.

    Gatekeeping news
    Weekly newsletter for early years, Primary, special and high schools and how to submit news.

    Health improvement in schools
    Ealing healthy schools programme, the four themes of healthy schools.

    School effectiveness impact evaluation
    End of year impact evaluation.

    School governance
    Information to support our hardworking and dedicated school governors and clerks.

    Schools partnership and enrichment
    Family school partnership awards (FSPA), Aspire, Children's university.

    School improvement and leadership
    Headteacher and leadership handbook, briefings, qualifications, school to school and school improvement.

    Services for schools (S4S)
    Information on the traded services offers, the order form for annual buy back services and timeline.

    Teaching and learning
    Curriculum, qualifications, raising of the participation age, special educational needs, equality and achievement and transition to high schools.

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    Last updated: 19 Apr 2024