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Sugar smart schools

Sugar smart aims to help reduce the amount of sugar pupils consume in school.

Why become a sugar smart school?

School presents a substantial opportunity to positively influence food choices and reduce daily sugar consumption. Becoming more sugar smart can improve pupils physical and mental health. Healthier children are happier, and both health and life satisfaction are associated with better learning and educational outcomes.

How does my school achieve sugar smart status?

To become a sugar smart school, your school needs to compete the sugar smart school checklist that includes activity options under three pledges. Before getting started, read sugar basics so you understand the facts around sugar.

Email your completed sugar smart school checklist to Nicole. If you have fulfilled all criteria in the checklist, you will receive email confirmation that your school has achieved sugar smart school status.

What do sugar smart schools receive?

Schools that achieve sugar smart school status will receive the following:

  • A sugar smart certificate
  • 5 healthy schools points
  • A sugar smart template to help your school complete and achieve their Healthy Schools London Silver and Gold awards

Where do I go for support?

If you would like more information or have questions on how to achieve sugar smart school status, email Nicole.

Pupil health and well being
Pupil health and wellbeing
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Last updated: 19 Apr 2024