Ealing Learning Partnership

Ealing's Children's University

The Ealing Children’s University aims to improve the aspirations and attainment of children aged 7-11 living in Northolt and Greenford by connecting them with learning activities beyond the school day such as after-schools clubs, visits to universities and museums, and ‘social action’ opportunities such as volunteering in the local community.

The aims of the Children’s University are to:

  • Engage schools in a structured, evidence based programme to widen opportunity and improve pupil outcomes
  • Provide a toolkit for signposting and encouraging children to participate in a range of learning opportunities outside school hours
  • Give pupils more control over their learning aims through experience and action
  • Offer pupils a range of different learning opportunities, enabling them to attain credits and graduation certificates
  • Approve and validate activities that have structured learning aims and are conducted in out-of- school hours
  • Motivate pupils’ informal learning and participation in learning beyond school through reward-based strategies
  • Ensure access to the programme for those pupils who would most benefit by supporting schools to target their most vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils
  • Build explicit links between the new CU programme and existing careers and aspirations initiatives in Ealing

The Ealing Children’s University started in 2020 and is funded by the John Lyon’s Charity. It currently operates in five primary schools in the Northolt and Greenford area and over 700 pupils benefited from the programme in the last academic year.

For further information please contact Maria Wright, the Children’s University Manager.

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Last updated: 19 Dec 2023