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Health improvement in schools

The Ealing health improvement team are a qualified team of experts, providing support, programmes, resources and training to help improve your pupils’ health and achievement in the following areas:

  • Nutrition and exercise
  • Mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • Safeguarding prevention
  • Relationships, Sex and Health and Education (RSHE) and
  • Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) .

About the team: Who we are and what we do!

Our team members can support schools with the following activities:

  • Karen Gibson: Safeguarding prevention
  • Nicole McGregor: Nutrition and exercise, obesity prevention, Eco schools and the Healthy Schools London awards
  • Faye Jones: PSHE, RSHE, FGM and the PSHE scheme of work
  • Liz Ainsworth: Mental health

Health improvement team contact details

Support for schools

We offer schools the following support:

Support we offer schools

Buy back packages

All Ealing schools have access to our seven buy back packages:

  • 3 day bespoke package: Provides 3 days of practical support in any health area, surveys to measure impact and an impact report.
  • Healthy Schools Awards & Training package: Includes access to all 20+ training workshops, 2 drop-in days, 4 workshops to help you achieve your HSL awards and a celebration event.
  • Eco schools: Includes 14 hours of eco school activities and free access to Green School network.
  • Mental health package: Includes central trainings on mental health and 14 hours of bespoke mental health activities.
  • Nourish to flourish package: Includes central trainings on nutrition and exercise and 14 hours of bespoke nutrition and exercise activities.
  • Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) package: Includes central trainings on PSHE, 14 hours of bespoke PSHE activities and 3 PSHE networks.
  • Relationships, Sex & Health Education (RSHE) package: Includes central trainings on Relationships, Sex & Health Education (RSHE) and 14 hours of bespoke RSHE activities.

About our buy back packages

Health improvement team’s buy back video: Find out about our six packages available to Ealing schools in 6 short minutes.

Select the image to view the health improvement service brochure:

Where to find our resources on EGfL

The health improvement team

For more information about the health improvement team and what we do please visit our health improvement service page .

Contact us

Karen Gibson
Health improvement manager and safeguarding
kgibson@ealing.gov.uk ; 020 8825 7707 or 07961 207 284

Nicole McGregor
Senior health improvement advisor – nutrition and exercise
mcgregorn@ealing.gov.uk ; 020 8825 5484 or 07925 344 704

Liz Ainsworth
Health improvement officer
Mental health and emotional wellbeing
Ainsworthl@ealing.gov.uk ; 07811 49400

Faye Jones
Health improvement officer
Relationships and sex education (RSE) and personal, social, health and economics (PSHE)
JonesF@ealing.gov.uk ; 020 8825 6076

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Last updated: 18 Apr 2024