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Early Career Teachers (ECT) and Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT) induction

We are delighted that you have chosen Ealing to begin your teaching career.

We are very proud of our schools as 92% of all Ealing’s children and young people are learning in good or outstanding schools.

Most of our schools are part of the Ealing Learning Partnership, a commitment and joint investment with the council to promote educational excellence and well-being for all learners through collaboration and innovation.

Induction at a glance

  • All qualified teachers who are employed in a relevant school in England must, by law, complete an induction period of 1 year (currently) and 2 years from September 2021.
  • Statutory induction is the bridge between initial teacher training and teaching career.
  • NQTs are entitled to systematic professional and personal support which include support from a dedicated mentor, observation of NQT’s teaching, protected 10% NQT time for professional development, observing experienced teachers, frequent review of progress and assessment against Teachers Standards.
  • NQTs must complete an induction period satisfactorily as there is no repeat.
  • For more, please visit Statutory guidance on NQT inductions

Support available for NQT induction

  • Ealing Local Authority acts as the Appropriate Body (AB) and monitors and supports the NQT induction process. The quality assurance of statutory induction, through the role of the appropriate body (AB), is important both for ensuring that schools provide adequate support for their NQTs, and that their assessment is fair and consistent across all institutions.
  • Mirela Temo (NQT and EMA adviser) is the named person at the appropriate body. Mirela provides support to schools on NQT induction statutory requirements and procedures, assessments and conducts the quality assurance of induction.

Ealing Appropriate Body contact details

Mirela Temo - Tel: 020 8825 7986 or Mobile: 07957 637 118
Email: mtemo@ealing.gov.uk

Ealing induction team - Technical support with NQT manager
Tel: 020 8825 5763
Email: EalingNQTInduction@ealing.gov.uk

Supporting NQTs / ECTs during Covid-19

Appropriate Body guidance (log in required*):

DfE guidance:

Registration and assessment deadlines 2020/21

It is your school’s responsibility to register you with the AB, complete and submit your assessments. Here are the key deadlines when your school is expected to register you and submit your assessment reports:

  • Autumn term NQTs starting September 2020 - Deadline 5 Oct 2020
  • Spring term NQTs starting January 2021 - Deadline 5 Feb 2021
  • Summer term NQTs starting April 2021 - Deadline 5 May 2021

Deadlines for submitting assessment reports

  • Autumn 2020 - 8 December 2020
  • Spring 2021 - 21 Mar 2021
  • Summer 2021 - 18 Jul 2021.

Professional development opportunities

Book these events via Ealing CPD online www.ealingcpd.org.uk

Other useful contacts

NQT Manager
Website: www.ealing.nqtmanager.com/Login.aspx Key resources and documents are available here.
About NQT Manager and personal data (pdf)

Teaching Regulation Agency
Teaching Regulation Agency website - for general enquiries regarding QTS.
Tel: 020 7593 5392
Email: teacher.induction@education.gov.uk
Teacher self-service portal

Ealing school vacancies website

Useful links and resources

    DfE guidance

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    Last updated: 16 Feb 2021