Ealing Appropriate Body and ECT induction 2023/24

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Ealing Local Authority acts as the appropriate body (AB). Through its quality assurance role, ensures that a suitable early career framework programme of support is in place for early career teachers (ECTs) and that assessment of ECTs is fair and consistent across all institutions.

Academic year 2023/24

From September 2023,

  • Ealing Local Authority will continue to act as the appropriate body for the 2022/24 cohort until September 2024.
  • Ealing AB will not take on any new ECTs.
  • Schools will need to register all new ECTs with a Teaching School Hub AB. Schools will also need to register any ECTs who are already halfway through induction. In Ealing, Teach West London is the local TSH.

Ealing Appropriate Body offers:

  • a comprehensive ECT service that ensures all schools are supported throughout the year with their induction
  • robust induction systems, ensuring consistency and parity across all Ealing schools
  • a fair system for all schools considering of the number of ECTs per school and membership of Ealing Learning Partnership
Office hours:

Admin hours Monday to Friday, 10am - 5.30pm

Service directors:

Julie Lewis

More detailed information:

Ealing Appropriate Body will provide full service only to the ECT cohort that commenced their induction in September 2022.

From September 2024, TSHs will become the main provider of AB services. Schools can access AB services from a TSH that makes the most sense for their circumstances. In Ealing, Teach West London is the local TSH.

Registering with an appropriate body is statutory. An ECT cannot start induction if they have not been registered with an AB. If using Ealing AB, the registration is done via ECT Manager.

Statutory arrangements

Every headteacher and AB providing statutory induction will need to ensure they meet the statutory requirements:

  • all ECTs have access to a 2-year support and training programme based on the ECF
  • support from a dedicated mentor through regular one to one mentoring sessions
  • two formal assessments caried out by an induction tutor
  • regular observations and progress reviews to monitor progress caried out by an induction tutor
  • a reduced timetable to allow for ECT induction activities to take place

Ealing Appropriate Body, through its quality assurance role, will ensure that support in place for ECTs is suitable and that assessment of ECTs is fair and consistent across all institutions, and ECTS have access to an ECF-based programme.

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Additional contact information 

To enquire about the Ealing Appropriate Body service contact Ealing ECT Induction team ealingectinduction@ealing.gov.uk

Teach West London is responsible for providing high-quality professional development to teachers at all stages of their careers. As part of this role, the TWL delivers the DfE-funded training based on the ECF to the ECTs and their mentors.

Contact details: Teach West London info@teachwestlondon.org.uk

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Last updated: 20 Feb 2023