Finance and data

Finance and data

Ealing Council provides a range of Financial services and support to Schools from different sources.

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Commercial procurement and corporate contracts
Information on purchasing procedures, corporate contracts for schools to use and contact details of strategic procurement team.

Data analysis
Information on data analysis, including admissions, performance tables, Fischer Family Trust, analyse school performance (ASP), school reports and LA reports.

Data collection
Information on data collection, including school census, end of key stage assessment, health related behaviour survey, school workforce census, privacy notice, secure access and SIMS.

Data policies and guidance
Information on data protection, equality and freedom of information acts.

Funding and finance
Financial guidance on funding, budgets, CFR, and forums.

Insurance section is responsible for insuring the council's assets and the insurance arrangements for community and voluntary aided schools.

Preferred supplier list (PSL)
The PSL agreed contract comes to an end on 31 August 2021.

Supply staff
Resources from REED education managed servce provider

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Last updated: 18 Apr 2024