Get Information About Pupils (GIAP)

What is GIAP?

GIAP is a service that the Department for Education (DfE) are rolling out which will eventually replace Key to Success (KtS). KtS is nearly 20 years old and based on a discovery review in 2019 the DfE concluded the best way to meet the needs of our users going forward was to develop a new digital service. The new service is called Get information about pupils (GIAP).

GIAP is still in the beta phase, but it is live and schools can now use it.

How to access GIAP?

GIAP is accessed, like most DfE services, via DfE Sign In. Speak to your organisation’s DfE Sign In approver who can give you access to the application.

New functionality

The main new functionality in GIAP for schools compared with KtS, is that schools are now able to search the national pupil database for UPNs for students who are new to your school. You should make sure to do this before you make a request to the Local Authority or assign a temporary of new UPN.

You should now go to GIAP to download your pupil premium files, which you would have previously accessed from Key to Success.


When you are logged in to GIAP there is a help page which can be accessed at the bottom of the page within GIAP.

There is also a Site News section at the top of the page which provides information on the most recent updates and data available in GIAP.

The DfE have also created a video guide:

Feedback to the DfE

As the service is still in beta, you can provide feedback to the DfE via a link at the top of each page within the GIAP service. Please make sure you do provide feedback if you come across any issues when using the service. The DfE have been very responsive to user input so far, so it is well worth sending them your comments.

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Last updated: 01 Aug 2023