Fischer Family Trust (FFT)

FFT is a non-profit organisation, backed by the Fischer Family trust, which provides data and analyses to all schools and LAs in England and Wales.

For over 10 years, FFT has been working successfully with local authorities and schools to analyse pupil results and pupil progress and provide school leaders with insightful data to support school improvement and self-evaluation.

Further details can be found on the FFT website.

FFT Aspire

FFT Aspire is FFT’s new reporting and data tool for schools, LAs and academy trusts. It provides accurate and insightful information enabling pupils to achieve their full potential and schools to improve. Using a set of interactive dashboards, data is presented in an easy to use format allowing schools to quickly evaluate past performance, identify strengths and weaknesses and set challenging targets for the future.

Dashboards are available for KS1 to KS5. They are designed for a wide range of users including teachers, subject leaders, department heads, senior school leaders, advisors, LAs, academy sponsors/chains and regional consortia.

Getting the most from Aspire brochure (October 2015)


School level access to FFT Aspire can now be directly through FFT or via your local authority at a significantly reduced rate.

FFT access for 2018/19 for schools in Ealing (including academies) has been purchased at the LA subscription rate and recharged to subscribing schools through services for schools.

Training and support

FFT training events
FFT upcoming webinars


Accounts for the FFTAspire admin site for London Borough of Ealing schools can be set up by:

Name: Kim Price
Tel: 020 8825 8698

The FFTAspire admin account can then be used to create accounts for the data site for relevant users within the school. Governors who wish to access the governor dashboard will need to ask their school to either download it from FFT Aspire or set them up with access to FFTAspire.

For support with using FFT Aspire or interpreting its analysis, please contact:

Name: Kim Price
Tel: 020 8825 8698

Please note that schools in other local authorities should contact their own LA project contact.

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Last updated: 20 Feb 2020