School budgets 2017/18

High needs funding
HNB main stream banding - mid-year adjustment provisions report* (pdf) - 24 October 2017
Adjustments will be included in December 2017 school advances.

PE and sports grant allocation academic year 2017/18* (pdf)

Early years allocation update after autumn 2017 census returns* (pdf)

Early years cash flow update after autumn 2017 census returns* (pdf)

Pupil premium allocation 2017/18* (pdf)
December 2017 pupil premium update
Please note that a further update has been notified by ESFA and January payment has now been amended accordingly. For your school’s new allocation please refer to the spreadsheet above.

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Covering letter Gary Redhead, February 2017 (word)
Summary of allocations by school/funding stream 2017/18 (excel) 28 February.
Schools estimate guidance notes 2017/18 (word) 24 February 2017

Detailed schools' budget financial year 2017/18* (excel) *login
This spreadsheet uses an internal authentication system. For instructions email schoolsaccountancyservices@ealing.gov.uk or phone 020 8825 9748.

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Last updated: 04 Jan 2018