Data collection

Primary school data collection and analysis annual planner 2021/22 (pdf)

High school data collection and analysis annual planner 2021/22 (pdf)

Choose from the following

School census
Information and guidance regarding the school census.

End of key stage assessment data collections
Guidance notes for data collection returns.

Children in part time or alternative provision
Guidance, dates and templates on data collection on pupils on part time provision or those not accessing the full curriculum in school.

Children missing education - new pupil registration requirement
Guidance on data collection on joiners and leavers with regards to improving information on identifying children missing education.

Get Information About Pupils (GIAP)
Details of the service being rolled out by DfE that will eventually replace Key to Success (KtS).

Privacy notice and pupil data items
Details of the new and amended data items.

School workforce census
Guidance on this statutory return.

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Last updated: 18 Feb 2022