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Our website contains a wide range of services information and resources specifically for Ealing schools. It also contains a range of databases and the weekly newsletter to schools.

Choose from the following

About EGfL user accounts
Information about access to school reports, requesting a user account and resetting your password and user guides.

Using our homepage
Information about the homepage, navigation, top and bottom menus.

Top and bottom menus
The top and bottom menus appear on every page and hold useful information, links and our contact details.

Using our navigation
Main categories, breadcrumbs and return to homepage EGfL logo and house icon.

Content and documents
Information about what content sits on the right hand side and bottom of content pages and documents.

Databases and search
Information about the search facilities, the combined schools and LA staff database, schools and key dates database.

Liability and responsibility of web content owners

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Last updated: 18 Oct 2021

Ealing Learning Partnership (ELP) directorate and associates

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