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The top menu appears on every page. It includes the following:

A-Z - popular content pages are listed here alphabetically.
Search - bar to find content quickly.
Login - log in to view restricted content. Reset your password.
EGfL logo - selectithe logo to return to the homepage.

Bottom menu

At the bottom of each page you will find some more useful links and also our address and telephone number.

Accessibitlity - changing your font size and colour.
About us - a short statement about school effectiveness and lists term dates, organisation charts and meeting information.
How to use our site - a guide on how to navigate quickly and easily to the content and databases you are looking for.
Contact - contact information for Ealing Council teams for children's services, child protection, safeguarding, Ealing Learning Partnership.
Copyright - information on the usage of web materials.
News - link to the news section.
Sitemap - overview all the main links and sub links.

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Last updated: 07 Apr 2022

Ealing Learning Partnership (ELP) directorate and associates

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