About EGfL user accounts

Most of the content on this website is available without having to login, but some content is restricted (user account required) such as:

* Services for schools order form

Access to order forms are restricted to two persons per school.

One of these is the headteacher and the other one is the nominated buyer.

The headteacher nominates one member of staff who can order services and view the order history alongside him/her.

So if you think you need access to the order form (history), please check with your headteacher first.

Your headteacher can request this access by sending an email to egflwebteam@ealing.gov.uk.

**School reports access

School reports are available on your school's page: find your school's page.

As these contain pupil level data, we would need to have express permission from the headteacher to grant this to you.

An email to egflwebteam@ealing.gov.uk from the headteacher requesting this access would be sufficient.

You would need to adhere to data protection rules/guidelines (see related content link below) when you access this section and view/download/print/share its reports.

Request an account

Ealing maintained schools staff, academies staff and governors can use the online EGfL user account registration form

Only Ealing LA staff can request a user account by sending an email to: egflwebteam@ealing.gov.uk.

Read the privacy policy.

However, express permission from the headteacher is required for access to school reports and access to the order form (one person per school only) - see above. This type of access only applies to school staff.

Request a new password

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one by selecting the grey 'request new password' tab on the request a new password page.

What is my username?

To login you would need your username and a password. Please note that your username is not your email address.

Your username is mentioned in the automated email you receive when your user account has been set up and the automated email you receive when you reset your password.

If you don't know your username, please email egflwebteam@ealing.gov.uk.

Why do I have to reset my password every time I login?

Is this something you experience when trying to login?

You are probably using an incorrect username or perhaps your email address.

Please email egflwebteam@ealing.gov.uk if you don't know what your username is or if you have any other questions.

Where do I login?

The login button is located at the top right hand corner on each page on this website. Alternatively click on the following link: login to EGfL.

User guides

User accounts are available for school staff and governors at Ealing maintained schools and academies.

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Last updated: 16 Jun 2021

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