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Local authority reports

School reports

The research and data team produce a comprehensive range of reports for each school, analysing, interpreting and presenting individual schools’ data to support school improvement. These individual reports supplement nationally produced assessment tools such as Analyse School Performance, Fischer Family Trust, Assessment manager’s performance analysis tool and the published performance tables.

Where do I find the school reports?

Logged in school staff, governors and local authority officers (with the correct permission) can view the reports. Once logged in go to the View tab and select school name to view school reports. Comply with data protection rules. If you are unable to locate a report please contact the schools data team by email at

Log in to EGfL go to the view tab and select your school name to view school reports

How do I get access to school reports?

An EGfL user account is required to view school reports. Register for an EGfL user account.

* Your headteacher needs to give their permission to grant you access to school reports. So, please ask them to email to confim this.

LA reports

The research and data team also produce a series of reports presenting data and analyses relating to all schools or at a local authority level. These reports supplement information published nationally by the DfE and Ofsted comparing local authorities and looking at national trends.

The reports are for use by school staff, governors and local authority officers and are available below (login to EGfL):

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Last updated: 23 Apr 2024