SING (schools information networking group) forums

Chair: Sally Anne Davies

Purpose: To give school administrators an opportunity to network and share ideas and to provide information and advice on a range of relevant topics.

Secretariat: Should you require any further details or have any suggestions, please email bursarial teams senior support officer Sally Anne Davies at

Next meeting is planned for Thursday, 14 February 2019 am (TBC).

SING forums

18 October 2018
11 July 2018
21 February 2018

18 October

SING agenda (pdf)


A review of schools finance team operations has resulted in a requirement to change school returns to take account of changes in technology and working practices. Schools accountancy are sending detailed information on the new requirements to all schools.

Early years updates: funding portal and 30 hour take up and provision - Sandeep Sahota (pdf)

Julie Picket and Anne Quish - Recruitment and HR
Anne and Julie gave an update on the buybacks for next financial year. They also gave information the cost of personnel file storage for schools.

Full details will be in the HR newsletter – schools can email to request being on the distribution list.

Andrew Hamilton - Ash-House Consultancy
Andrew gave a presentation on School Efficiency Metrics (to be circulated) followed by a Q & A session.

11 July 2018

SING agenda (pdf)

Presentation: Ealing Council commercial hub and schools opportunities - Tim Smith, head of commercial and procurement (pdf)

Julie Pickett (HRSCC recruitment and administration manager) gave an update about GDPR, particularly in relation to recruitment privacy requirements.

Recruitment privacy notice (word)
The privacy notice, approved by Ealing Council's data protection officer, should be placed where all prospective staff can gain access to the notice e.g shools recruitment page.

However, the privacy notice is a corporate document and schools will need to adapt it for their particular circumstances – if you do use it, please remember to tailor it to incorporate your own schools identity etc.

21 Februay 2018

SING agenda (pdf)
Unfortunately Lara Balogan and Julie Picket were unable to attend.


  1. School closing and timetable 2017-18 - Geraldine Chadwick (pdf)
  2. Mainstream and ARP HNB funding process - Justin Whitsitt (pdf)
  3. Early years updates - 30 hour entitlement and early years system changes - Sandeep Sahota (pdf)
  4. Funding update - Tamara Quinn (pdf)
  5. ESCC update - Adam Whalley (pdf)


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