End of key stage assessment data collections

Non-statutory primary assessment data collections 2020

As you will be aware the DfE have cancelled the collection of primary assessment data in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and partial closure of schools. See full list of changes to DfE statutory data collections (GOV.UK).

Following discussions with headteachers and the Ealing Learning Partnership (ELP), the Ealing schools data team have been asked to collect assessment data for EYFSP, KS1 and KS2 from primary schools in Ealing. The return of this data is non-statutory, but submitting this information will:

  1. Enable us to provide pupil level transition data to Ealing secondary schools on their incoming Year 7 cohort for September 2020
  2. Enable us to provide analysis of the data to primary schools in modified LA EYFSP, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 reports (NB. this will not include school by school comparisons - your aggregated data will not be shared with other primary schools this year)
  3. Enable ELP to support schools with their self-evaluation. It will not be used for accountability purposes in line with current DfE guidance

By returning this data to the local authority, you agree to it being used for the above purposes.

While we would encourage schools to submit estimated KS2 outcomes so we can provide this data to Ealing secondary schools to support transition and avoid the need for secondary schools to come directly to you for this data, the return of EYFSP and KS1 outcomes is entirely voluntary and you only need to do this if you would like us to provide you with analysis of this data.

We are asking schools to submit:

  • KS2 data to us by Thursday 25 June and
  • FSP and KS1 data by Thursday 9 July. Please submit earlier if you are able, so we have more time to check the data.

If you do not intend to participate in these collections, we would be grateful if you could send an email to bullj@ealing.gov.uk to confirm that this is the case.

Key stage 2

As there is no statutory framework for teacher assessment for children working at the level of the test in key stage 2 subjects other than writing and science, we will not be asking for the usual teacher assessment criteria. You will therefore not be able to use your MIS system to make the KS2 return.

Instead we will be sending each school a pupil list based on Year 6 children on roll during the January 2020 Spring census via DfE Sign-In S2S (or egress email if requested). For each child on this list, we are asking that you estimate an outcome for reading, writing and mathematics – whether they were working below/toward the expected, at the expected or above the expected level when the partial school closure period began.

Full guidance will be included in the data we send to each school. Here is the template document including guidance (excel)

Please return your completed spreadsheet to us by Thursday 25 June at the latest. Please submit earlier if you are able, so we have more time to check the data.

Foundation stage profile and key stage 1

As the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile and key stage 1 data returns are teacher assessments, we are asking that schools submit this data following the usual process – i.e. by populating it in your MIS system and exporting the data as a CTF and sending it to the Local Authority by Thursday 9 July.

You should therefore follow existing frameworks when making EYFSP and Key Stage 1 teacher assessment judgements. We ask that you estimate outcomes as at the last date schools were open prior to the partial school closure period (which began on Monday 23 March).

Please submit your data files in the usual way, either via egress secure email to bullj@ealing.gov.uk or via the DfE Sign In School to School (S2S) system. If you are sending files via S2S please make sure you follow the usual file naming conventions.

  • Additional guidance for schools using Capita SIMS is available (marksheet wizards for SIMS can be sent via email on request). If your school is supported by 3BM, you will be able to contact them directly for additional support regarding these collections
  • For schools using other MIS systems or who are not supported by 3BM, please contact your MIS support provider if you have queries about how to set up your marksheets, complete them and export them from your system
  • If you are unable to use your MIS system for these returns but would still like to submit the data, let us know and we will send you a csv template for completion.

Please submit your FSP and KS1 data to the local authority by Thursday 9 July at the latest. Please submit earlier if you are able, so we have more time to check the data.

Useful documents

LA guidance on 2020 non-statutory returns

Letter to schools 4 June: Clarification on collection of assessment data (pdf)
Non-statutory primary assessment data collections 2020 (pdf)
KS2 non- statutory collection 2020 template (excel)

DfFE specifications

DfE guides to submitting teacher assessments:

KS2 submitting teacher assessment data (pdf)
KS1 reporting teacher assessment data (pdf)
Phonics 2019 administration guidance (pdf)
EYFSP 2020 handbook (pdf)

2020 EYFSP assessment and reporting arrangements (GOV.UK)
2020 KS1 assessment and reporting arrangements (GOV.UK)
2020 KS2 assessment and reporting arrangements (GOV.UK)

Capita instructions

Capita SIMS guidance handbooks
For guidance on end of key stage data processing, select the ‘Performance and Analysis’ drop down menu.

Ealing document

Key stage teacher assessments 2020 – Who should and shouldn’t be included (pdf)

Contact us

Jen Bull
Schools organisation officer
(School census, May background and end of key stage assessment queries)
Phone: 020 8825 5986
Email: bullj@ealing.gov.uk

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Last updated: 04 Jun 2020