School workforce census (SWC)

The school workforce return is a statutory collection required by the DfE, which this year takes place on the first Thursday in November, which in 2023 is Thursday 2 November. You should make this statutory return using the school workforce census part of your MIS and upload it to collect by Friday 3 November 2023.

Changes from previous collection

As ever, dates have been rolled over to align with the collection period.

The more significant changes are:

  • A new post of School Business Professional (SBP) has been added
  • A flag to identify members of the senior leadership team in schools has been added
  • Destination and Leaving reason will be required for School Business Professionals (SBPs)
  • Qualifications data will be required for School Business Professionals (SBPs) and several new qualifications have been added to the code set, for the use of SBPs.

Please ensure you read the guidance thoroughly and familiarise with the new items before the collection.

DFE specifications

See links below for full DfE guidance available on GOV.UK:

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Last updated: 01 Aug 2023