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Autumn school census 2018

The autumn school census takes place on Thursday 4 October 2018. This is to give schools enough time to admit all their pupils and enter their details onto and to give students taking Post 16 qualifications more time to make firm choices of courses.

We ask schools to return their census by Friday 5 October 2018.

We suggest that you perform a trial run after you have upgraded to the suggested software version and prior to census day. Then, hopefully on 4 October, it will just be a case of running the census and submitting it to the LA.

The DfE use the data they receive in autumn school census to decide how much Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) is allocated to the LA for pupils aged 4 and above (at 31 August 2018) in national curriculum year groups reception to year 11 at the time of the census. This informs the DSG to be passed onto schools in the following school year.

Schools are required to upload details of their on roll nursery pupils to the early years department monthly to receive funding. So please ensure that all the correct nursery pupils are admitted in time to be included in the first instalment of funding.

Useful documents for the autumn schoolcensus 2018

You can view any of the pdf documents below by clicking on them once.

How to save documents

To save documents, right click on the link and choose 'save as' from the list.

Now choose a suitable location by clicking on the drop down arrow next to the 'save in' box that appears.

Choose somewhere obvious, such as the 'desktop', and click on 'save'.

DfE specifications

Booklets produced by the DfE giving specifications for each data item in the school census 2018.

School census guidance 2018-19 (GOV.UK)
16-19 funding guidance 2018-19 (GOV.UK)
Post 16 funding rates and formula 2018-19 (GOV.UK)

Capita instructions

Producing the school census autumn 2018 - nursery
Producing the school census autumn 2018 - primary
Producing the school census autumn 2018 - special
Producing the school census autumn 2018 - secondary
Producing the school census autumn 2018 - PRU
Producing the school census autumn 2018 - all-through
Preparing post 16 data for the school census autumn return 2018
Managing courses in SIMS
School census errors and resolutions - 2018-19

Ealing step-by-step instructions

Ealing step-by-step autumn 2018 - nursery
Ealing step-by-step autumn 2018 - primary
Ealing step-by-step autumn 2018 - special
Ealing step-by-step autumn 2018 - secondary
Ealing step-by-step autumn 2018 - PRU
Ealing step-by-step autumn 2018 - all-through
Copying a detail report to Microsoft excel
Copy and paste notes for COLLECT (to follow)


Fiona Bradley
School data co-ordinator
Phone: 020 8825 6065

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Last updated: 03 Oct 2018