ELP leadership

Ealing Learning Partnership (ELP) is a partnership between 65 primary, 6 special and 14 secondary schools and the council to promote educational excellence and well-being for all learners through collaboration and innovation.

‘Collective responsibility for outcomes’

With 95% of Ealing schools working together with passion, commitment and shared ambitions we can create the very best outcomes and futures for all children and young people in the borough.

The partnership which is in its launch year, 2018-19, led by a board of headteachers, a governor and senior LA officers, has continued to clarify our strategic focus, action plan and ways of working for the future.

The council’s contribution and school subscription secured the delivery of the ELP core service set out in the 2018-19 ELP brochure (pdf - pages 9-11). This also enabled us to offer schools the additional traded services set out on page 4 to meet more bespoke needs and requirements.

A new strategy document and offer brochure are due to be published here in early November.

ELP presentation Julie Lewis (pdf - September 2018)

ELP draft priorities 2018-21 (pdf)

ELP committees with members 2018-19 (pdf - November 2018)

Download the 2018-19 ELP brochure:

An Ealing primary headteacher talks about why she has subscribed her school to ELP:

MP4, 18MB video - login required

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Last updated: 14 Nov 2018