ELP leadership

What is ELP?

ELP is a partnership between schools and the council to promote educational excellence and wellbeing for all learners through collaboration and innovation.

ELP Spring updates

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Take a look at the video about the journey of the Ealing Learning Partnership:

ELP commitments

Take a look at the ELP commitments over the next 6 months.

ELP 2021-23

90% of schools have signed up in principle to the ELP offer 2021-23. Download a copy of the ELP offer 2021-23.

Ealing Learning Partnership offer 2021-2023

ELP order form 2021 - 23

Headteachers completed the ELP order form on 30 November to agree in principle, their commitment to the ELP 2021/23 offer.

ELP’s vision

  • Every Ealing pupil is supported to achieve the best possible outcomes and pathways to adulthood
  • A community of schools take shared responsibility for their own development and success and for the success of their colleagues
  • Trust is high in a supportive yet highly challenging partnership
  • The partnership is financially sustainable: all resources are used in the interests of pupils.
  • ELP 2021 vision (pledge) (pdf)
  • ELP spring 2020 newsletter (pdf)

ELP overview

Further information, achievements and plans are available in these downloads and links (* login required)

ELP 2019-21

For the 2019/2020 school year, nearly 95% (88 out of 93) schools signed-up to the partnership for a two-year commitment.

Download a copy of the ELP offer to schools 2019-21

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Last updated: 24 Mar 2021