Pastoral support staff

Pupil support staff are responsible for the welfare of pupils during break, lunchtime and outside school hours.

This group also includes those who assist pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

All school support staff can access a range of CPD and training at Ealing CPD online.

Learning mentors

Learning mentors provide a complementary learning mentor service to existing teachers and pastoral staff in school, addressing the needs of children who need support to overcome barriers to learning both inside and outside the school in order to achieve their full potential.

A lead learning mentor will, in addition to the above, be expected to facilitate young people’s learning and development through mentoring and to support a successful transfer and transition in learning at key stages.

They will also be expected to manage and supervise other members of staff employed in learning mentor or other school pastoral activities as necessary.

Learning mentors can access Ealing CPD online for a range of training courses, including information and details about the termly network meetings.

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SMAs / midday supervisors

SMSAs look after the welfare of pupils in the dinner hall and playground during lunchtime and ensure the health and safety of children at lunchtimes under the direction of the appropriate person as identified by the school.

A Senior SMSA will in addition to the above and under the direction of an appropriate person, manage and lead other SMSAs ensuring the supervision of children at all times.

Play workers

Play workers plan, organise and supervise formal and informal, recreational and social educational activities for children, having due regard to the varying age ranges during the school day and after school.

Their role is to create and maintain a purposeful, orderly and supportive playing environment and to help develop strategies for promoting positive behaviour during play whilst promoting and working to achieve the Every Child Matters outcomes.

A senior play worker in addition to the above will have the lead responsibility for devising and implementing an imaginative programme of educational and recreational activities for children.

They will assist in inducting new members of staff, supervising and managing day-to-day activities and may have performance management responsibility of other staff.

Pupil and family worker

The role of a pupil and family worker is to support the behaviour, pastoral and welfare support for learning, addressing the needs of children who need support to overcome barriers to learning both inside and outside the school in order to achieve their full potential.

Parent support advisors (PSAs)

A PSA's role is to understand the primary rights and responsibilities of parents in raising their children and support parents by helping them improve their parenting skills, for example, by running basic parenting classes and providing appropriate information or referrals.

As a PSA you will work with parents in a school context, supporting them and building their engagement with their child’s learning.

A PSA will identify with parents reasons for their children’s non-attendance and work with them and others to achieve regular attendance and reduce exclusion.

CPD online training for staff

Learning Mentors, SMSAs, play workers, parent support advisors, pupil and family workers can access training on Ealing CPD online.

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Last updated: 08 Nov 2023

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