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Career development for support staff

Ealing offers a range of CPD and training for support staff which can be found at Ealing CPD online.

Support staff work in many important and often multiple roles in schools. As someone involved in making sure that young people receive the best and most relevant education, it is important that each member of staff should:

  • Take responsibility for their own professional development through the opportunities available to them
  • Continually reflect upon their own practice, improve their skills and deepen their knowledge and understanding
  • Adapt their practice to take account of new findings, ideas and technologies
  • Support their colleagues in achieving and maintaining high professional standards
  • Be fully committed to sharing their own expertise and insights.

There are many ways to build on existing skills or develop new ones to ensure effectiveness in the role, however, it is important to choose training and qualifications that are right for the role and the needs of the school.

There are many training and qualification opportunities available, these include:

  • Basic skills in literacy and numeracy
  • Induction programmes
  • National qualifications such as the supporting teaching and learning
  • Specialist qualifications
  • Apprenticeships.

Choose from the following

Administrators and school business managers
Learning support staff
Pastoral support staff
Site staff
Career progression case studies
My CPD online

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Last updated: 18 Apr 2024