Health related data

Health related data

Ealing school data is available on the LA reports section. The reports are behind an EGfL login. To obtain a user account, please email Alternatively, please contact the Nicole from the health improvement team by email at

National child measurement programme (NCMP)

Every year, as part of the NCMP, children in reception (aged 4-5 years) and year 6 (aged 10-11 years) have their height and weight measured during the school year allow analysis of trends in growth patterns and obesity. Download on the LA reports section.

Health related behaviour survey (HRBS)

HRBS 2023 summary report (pdf)
Compilation of Ealing primary pupils and secondary school surveys.

HRBS briefing meeting recording 22 September 2021

The 2021 Ealing HRBS took place in October 2021 and a total of 11,306 pupils took part from 14 high schools and 65 primary schools. Schools received their reports in December 2021 and these are available to download from your school page report section. Search for your school on the schools' directory.

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Last updated: 22 Dec 2023

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