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Family School Partnership Award (FSPA)

“I would thoroughly recommend other schools participate in the FSPA process. It is extremely well structured and supported and can be hugely beneficial to both the school and parents”

Five key areas

FSPA is designed to support schools to further develop and embed their strategic approach to parental engagement under five key areas:

  • Fostering effective family school partnerships
  • Communicating and consulting effectively
  • Enabling parental engagement in learning
  • Empowering parents and carers to develop their own skills
  • Supporting successful transitions .

FSPA is suitable for children centres, primary, high and special schools.

Of schools that have completed the award in 2017, over half identified increasing governor engagement with parents as a priority. The ES team delivered an interactive workshop for governors and senior leaders to develop an action plan to support the development of this priority.

The impact of this has shown significant increase from baseline data showing the percentage of parents who are aware of who the governors are and what they do.

Practical support services for schools

FSPA is coordinated by the ES team. The team provides practical support services to schools in a number of areas:

  • Engaging parents in their child’s learning and school life
  • Enrichment activities for pupils and families
  • Linking learning to future education and career choices
  • Helping schools commission counselling services
  • Bespoke project development to tackle barriers to learning
  • Fundraising advice and bid writing.

What schools receive

Schools wishing to sign up to complete the award can do so for £700. Schools will receive:

  • Online and hard copy surveys for key stakeholder groups (staff, governors, and parents)
  • Data summary / RAG rating identifying strengths and areas of focus
  • Two update meetings
  • Two training workshops to support areas of focus
  • Access to a comprehensive parental engagement toolkit and a celebration event.

Timeframe: start date autumn 2017 – completion summer term 2018.

Please contact Sarah Jay-Bennett on the details below for further information and how to sign up.


Sarah Jay-Bennett
Extended services coordinator
Tel: 07889 317 300 or 020 8825 7342
Email: sjay@ealing.gov.uk

Schools that have completed the award told us:

“The overall impact of the EFSPA has been hugely positive. Through structured guidance and support, the EFSPA process has allowed us as a school to build collaborative relationships with staff and parents across the school. The key principle underlying this process has been based on the shared responsibility for education of pupils at both home and school”

“The supportive nature of the EFSPA team makes the process so much easier. Tackling the issues of family and school relationships can be very daunting, particularly if they are not great to begin with. I would highly recommend signing up for the process”

“Governors have asked me to write to you to express their gratitude at the wonderful service you provide. We truly feel that this is value for money.”

School Business Manager, Castlebar School

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Last updated: 05 Jan 2021