Getting started - suggested pathway

If your school has just started to focus on race equality, we recommend the following steps:

Step 1 Nominate a senior member of staff and a governor to be the race and diversity leads for your school.

Step 2 Share the ‘What does the data tell us?’ presentation with your governing body and leadership team and compare to your in-school data.

Step 3 Review the Race equality in Education training programme and identify courses for the lead member of staff and governor to attend to develop their racial literacy.

Step 4 Identify two senior leaders to attend the ‘Facilitators Training – Challenging Disproportionality’.

Step 5 Allocate six one-hour sessions across the school year for senior leaders to facilitate the delivery of the Challenging Disproportionality training to all staff.

Step 6 Attend the Black Caribbean achievement self-evaluation audit training.

Step 7 Carry out an audit of current practice in school to identify areas for action.

Step 8 Senior leader and/or race and diversity leads attend the leadership seminars and race and diversity leads network.

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Last updated: 14 Dec 2023

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