Headteacher standards

The professional standards of excellence for headteachers (GOV.UK website) are to help improve the practice and development of:

  • Headteachers
  • Governing boards
  • Aspiring headteachers

The standards, created by the profession, for the profession, are designed to empower and inspire heads, drive aspiration, promote excellence and reflect the greater decision-making powers heads now enjoy.

The ‘standards of excellence’ set out the skills, knowledge and behaviour headteachers should aspire to, including:

  • Raising the bar for all pupils, overcoming disadvantage and instilling a strong sense of accountability in staff for the impact of their work on pupils’ success
  • Boosting teacher quality through high-level training and sustained professional development
  • Identifying talent and coaching current and aspiring leaders of the future.
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Last updated: 22 Aug 2023

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