Governing board self review

Ealing local authority (LA) recommends that every governing board (GB) should regularly evaluate and reflect on their practice and performance.

To assist GBs evaluate their practice and performance, we have developed a number of tools in the Ealing governor toolkit:

  • Governor skills audit
  • Governing board self review questionnaire (NEW) based on the All-Party Parliamentary Group’s “Twenty Questions for School Governing Boards to ask themselves”
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Team work and succession planning.

Ofsted – achieving outstanding governing body

Self review is essential for all GBs who are striving towards achieving an outstanding Ofsted Report.

Ofsted are focussing on how well every GB knows its school and works in close, strategic partnership with the school to ensure excellent outcomes for all its pupils.

By undertaking this self review document a GB will be able to:

  • Clearly demonstrate how it undertakes its key roles
  • Identify how it needs to develop its skills to fulfil all of its statutory and good practice requirements.
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Last updated: 03 Nov 2021

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