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Services for schools (S4S)

Your school order form for 2022/23 is now closed. We are busy finalising your orders. Where relevant, do log in to view changes to:

Services for schools brochure and order form 2022/23

Services for schools nominated buyers

Headteachers can nominate their school business manager or relevant colleague to submit the order form on their behalf. To set up a nominated buyer please provide their full name by email to egflwebteam@ealing.gov.uk.

How to use the school annual buyback form

Orders are placed every February by the headteacher or their nominated buyer using the school annual buyback form.

Watch the video on how to order using the annual buyback form:

Service commitments

Services that are mandatory or where there is a two year commitment will be pre-selected on your school order form. This includes HRSSC pensions, Ealing Learning Partnership subscriptions and Educational Psychology.

View your school order history

Headteachers and nominated buyers can access their schools' order history at any time. Just log in at www.egfl.org.uk/order-history and select the relevant order history year.

Services for schools 2021/22

Here is the brochure of services on offer to schools for 2021/22.

ELP order form 2021/23

Headteachers completed their ELP order form 2021/23 in November 2020 to agree their two year commitment to the Ealing Learning Partnership. ELP subscription costs are included in the services for schools order form for 2021/22 and 2022/23.

Budgets 2020/21

You can download the summary information for primary and high schools' block formula allocations together with a year on year comparison at school level from www.egfl.org.uk/budgets

Services on offer

All services on offer are available to view on the right hand side of the five main areas:

Anyone with an EGfL account can login to view specific information about all services, offers and pricing.

Purchasing options

Our services will continue to meet the real needs of Ealing schools, are of high quality and, we believe, offer excellent value for money.

Services that continue to be free of charge:

No additional cost to schools. Services that are available for ELP subscribers:

Ealing Learning Partnership subsidised. There is a range of ways for schools to purchase additional services:

Pay as you go through service contacts

Other arrangement through service contacts

Annual buyback

Service detail queries

If you have any questions about a specific service, please contact the service manager directly. Their details will be available on their dedicated service page.

S4S support service

If you have any questions about your orders contact us by:

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Last updated: 03 May 2022