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Healthy schools Ealing points scheme

Healthy schools Ealing points scheme (pdf)

The Healthy Schools Ealing points scheme rewards you and your school for participating in our service. If your school is already actively involved, you will be in with a good chance of being a high scoring school.

If you have been thinking of doing more with the team then now is your time to get involved and it might even make you a prize winner. Read on to learn more about the scheme.

How does the points scheme work?

  1. When you do any of the activities listed below, the health improvement team will add the corresponding number of points to your school.
  2. We will regularly announce the highest scoring schools in our termly newsletter and monthly eNews.
  3. In June 2021, we will reveal the three highest scoring schools. These schools will receive their prize in July.

How do I earn points?

Schools will be rewarded with between 1 and 5 points by doing a range of healthy schools initiatives. Here is how schools can earn the following number of points:

1 point:

  • Open our monthly eNews
  • Complete any health improvement survey
  • Add a resource, poll or comment to knowledge hub.

2 points:

  • Attend your school’s health in school visit. Bonus 2 points if headteacher attends this meeting.
  • Attend the PSHE or mental health network.
  • Attend any of our training workshops.
  • Attend a learning walk.
  • Write an article for our stepping up tto health newsletter.

3 points:

  • Attend our annual health improvement conference or FGM conference.
  • Host one of our networks or training workshops in your school.
  • Achieve a Health schools London award.

4 points:

  • Present at our annual health improvement conference.
  • Present at our healthy schools awards and training (HAT) celebration event.

5 Points:

  • Become a sugar smart school.

-2 Points:

  • Not attending a training that you registered for (cancelling on Ealing CPD online 4 days before the training incurs no penalty).

What can I win?

The highest scoring schools will receive a framed certificate of achievement. In addition, your schools will receive the following prize:

  • 1st place: HAT membership for 2020/21 or £500 for your PSHE budget
  • 2nd place: £250 for your PSHE budget
  • 3rd place: £100 for your PSHE budget.

For more information about the Healthy schools Ealing points scheme, email Nicole on McGregorN@ealing.gov.uk.

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Last updated: 16 Feb 2021