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Drugs, alcohol and tobacco education

Drugs alcohol and tobacco education is taught as part of the PSHE education curriculum. It is important for us to teach children about these harmful substances as well as teaching about peer pressure and saying no. Below are a range of resources to help you teach about these topics in school.


Drugs curriculum

  • Drug Wise primary school resource website - Focuses on drug, alcohol and tobacco education in primary schools. It aims to develop primary school pupils’ knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes to make healthy choices and develop healthy behaviours in their lives — now and in the future
  • talktofrank.com FRANK is a national drug education. It is intended to reduce the use of both legal and illegal drugs by providing information on drugs and alcohol.

Alcohol curriculum

  • Drinkaware for education website- resources for key stages 2 and 3 - free downloadable resources are designed for 9-11 and 11-14 year olds and are flexible, allowing teachers to mix and match activities to suit their needs
  • Mentor website Mentor runs programmes to protect children from alcohol and drugs; works directly with young people, families, schools, grassroots projects, national partners, and government
  • wreckedwd.co.uk NHS-sponsored Wrecked and Wasted website aimed at teens/young people to be a guide post for information on drugs and alcohol
  • Talk about alcohol: Talk about alcohol via games, challenges
  • Alcohol Education Trust: Games and quizzes to increase knowledge and awareness of alcohol consumption.

Tobacco curriculum

  • Young people and tobacco leaflet - A leaflet developed by Public Health to raise young people’s awareness of the dangers of smoking
  • Ash website - resources and information to help teach about the dangers of smoking
  • Fresh website - resources to help teach about the effects of smoking. They also have great ideas for making the theme cross curricular
  • One you ealing - resources, help and advice about smoking
  • Breathe 2025 - resources and information about smoking

Safeguarding resources

  • ROCK rules (pdf) - help children understand the concept of confidentiality and ensuring everyone feels safe.


If you require any advice or support with drugs, alcohol and tobacco education in schools, contact Faye Jones.

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Last updated: 19 Apr 2024