Race equality in education training programme

A comprehensive programme of training has been devised that aims to support school leaders to take forward the race equality agenda in their schools.

This programme has been developed drawing on the learning from the No Learner Left Behind – Black Caribbean achievement project, and the first year of the race equality in education programme.

New courses and networks for 2023-24 can be found on Ealing CPD Online and include:

  • Dealing with racist incidences effectively
  • Inclusive recruitment and retention
  • Reviewing school policies through an anti-racist lens
  • Developing your anti-racist policy
  • Race and diversity leads network
  • Adultification of Black children

There are also race equality courses specifically for school governors / trustees which can be booked via Ealing CPD Online

The following courses and networks are available again this year:

  • Facilitator training: challenging disproportionality and developing cultural competence
  • Challenging disproportionality training for staff new to Ealing schools
  • Race equality in the curriculum (including primary and secondary subject-specific courses)
  • Leadership seminars for headteachers and race and diversity leads
  • Black Caribbean achievement self-evaluation audit training.

Key aims of the training are:

  • to improve the racial literacy of all staff and governors /trustees within schools
  • to provide opportunities for leaders to deepen their knowledge about the impact of race inequality within schools
  • to identify opportunities to create positive change to achieve race equality
  • to raise awareness of issues relating to unconscious bias and racial identity and the legacy of Empire on society today
  • to provide opportunities for staff to gain essential knowledge about Black history and Black contributions and understand how to reflect this within the curriculum.

Getting started - suggested pathway

If your school has just started to focus on race equality, we recommend the following steps:

Step 1 Nominate a senior member of staff and a governor to be the race and diversity leads for your school.

Step 2 Share the ‘What does the data tell us?’ presentation with your governing body and leadership team and compare to your in-school data.

Step 3 Review the Race equality in Education training programme and identify courses for the lead member of staff and governor to attend to develop their racial literacy.

Step 4 Identify two senior leaders to attend the ‘Facilitators Training – Challenging Disproportionality’.

Step 5 Allocate six one-hour sessions across the school year for senior leaders to facilitate the delivery of the Challenging Disproportionality training to all staff.

Step 6 Attend the Black Caribbean achievement self-evaluation audit training.

Step 7 Carry out an audit of current practice in school to identify areas for action.

Step 8 Senior leader and/or race and diversity leads attend the leadership seminars and race and diversity leads network.

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Last updated: 10 Nov 2023

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