School site staff and lunchtime roles

There are a number of different roles that support the needs of the school and pupils before, after and during lunchtime.

In Ealing we have developed a range of generic job descriptions for site managers / caretakers, cleaners and SMSA’s (Midday supervisors) .

A full range of training and CPD in Ealing can be found at Ealing CPD online.

There are a number of health and safety courses run by Ealing's corporate safety team

Ealing schools health and safety provide support and advice to Ealing schools on health and safety related matters.

Site managers / caretakers

These members of staff are responsible for the maintenance and security of the school building and ensuring health and safety guidelines are followed.

Day-to-day tasks could include:

  • managing access to the premises and maintaining security
  • fire drills
  • managing cleaners
  • carrying out basic repairs
  • managing risk assessments / site checks
  • checking play equipment
  • championing health and safety around the school
  • supervising external contractors.

Networking/workshop for site managers and caretakers

Ealing run a termly workshop session for all school caretakers and site managers. This event will give you the opportunity to take part in a topic/s driven session which is relevant to your role.

It will give you a chance to network with other colleagues and take part in a Q & A session with relevant experts linked to the topic/s of the session.

Book a place at the network meeting or view details of other training via CPD online

Cleaning staff

Cleaning staff work either on their own or in a team, ensuring that the school premises are clean, safe and hygienic. Cleaners are usually supervised by the site manager/caretaker or cleaner in charge.

Duties will include the following:

  • spot cleaning of spillages
  • wiping, polishing, dusting of designated areas
  • emptying and cleaning bins
  • cleaning toilets including sanitary fittings and surrounds
  • mopping and spray cleaning hard floor surfaces
  • straightening furniture and general tidying up of designated areas
  • replenishing supplies in toilets
  • checking and closing windows, switching off lights after work

SMSA/Midday supervisors

SMSA’s/ Midday supervisors look after the welfare of pupils in the dinner hall and playground during lunchtime.

The role includes:

  • supervision of pupils at all times during lunchtime on the school premises.
  • ensuring that the pupils are behaving appropriately in line with the schools behaviour policy at all times including the dining room, playground and during wet lunch times.
  • engagement with pupils to ensure that they are active in purposeful and co-operative behaviour throughout the lunchtime period.
  • in the event of any spillage inform the appropriate person and take necessary action immediately to avoid possible accidents
  • to take reasonable precautions whilst in charge of pupils to see that they do nothing that is likely to injure themselves or others.
  • in the event of any injuries or sickness making sure they are dealt with according to the school’s policy.

In line with the current healthy lifestyles agenda, information about healthy eating and links to food in schools' websites/organisations can be found on the following page: healthy schools.

A full range of training and CPD in Ealing can be found at Ealing CPD online.

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Last updated: 18 Apr 2024

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