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Support staff roles generic job descriptions

Support staff work in many important and often multiple roles in a school. The generic job descriptions/person specifications here for support staff have been developed to support schools in a range of areas. These include:

  • Recruiting new staff when filling a vacancy
  • Revising the roles of existing staff
  • Updating existing documentation
  • Conducting performance management processes
  • Revising staffing structures or restructuring

These documents may be used in their entirety or copied to suit individual needs. All documents open in word.

The guidelines on support staff job descriptions (word) provide more detailed information to support the use of these job descriptions and person specifications.

Job evaluation

When you recruit support staff, job descriptions should go through the job evaluation process prior to advertising, unless you use a generic job description and even then you should notify the schools HR consultancy team.

Choose one of following

Admin staff and school business managers
Provide essential back-up services for the whole school ranging from day to day office support to financial and school business management.

Learning support
Staff who work with teachers in the classroom to help pupils with their learning, ie teaching assistants, higher level teaching assistants, nursery nurses and cover supervisors.

Pupil support
Staff who are responsible for the welfare of pupils during break, lunchtime and outside school hours and staff who assist pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and careers advice.

Site staff
Staff who ensure a clean, safe and tidy school environment and provide meals at lunch time. Site staff include caretakers, cleaners, caterers and site managers.

Specialist and technical staff
Provide valuable resources that support teaching and learning. Specialist and technical staff include science, CDT and ICT technicians and managers, librarians and music specialists.

Special school generic job descriptions
These job descriptions have been specifically designed to incorporate the demands of job roles and responsibilities within a special school setting.

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Last updated: 28 Jan 2020