Guide to Ealing teaching application form

These notes are here to help you submit the best possible application you can. We strongly recommend that you read them before you start work on your application.

Before you start

Read carefully all the information about the post, especially the person specification, which lists the skills, knowledge, experience, and qualifications needed. Make sure you read it before filling in the application form. You may find that you are required to only respond to some of the criteria set out in the person specification, if this is the case you should be guided as to which criteria to respond to in your application. If you have not received either the person specification and/or the job description, please contact the relevant school.

Your application form and especially the supporting statement are the only pieces of information we will use to decide whether to shortlist you. Unless you clearly demonstrate in your application how you meet the requirements of the post you may not be shortlisted.

Filling in the application form

Read the application form carefully before you start. We are an equal opportunities employer and select candidates for interview based on how well they complete the application form. We do not accept CVs.

  1. Personal details

It is important that you fill in this section accurately and in full. If you are currently at college/university, please ensure you give details of where you can be contacted both during and after completion of your course. The more information you give the better. Please do not leave any section blank. If it is not applicable, please indicate with N/A.

  1. Present /most recent post and Employment history Start with your current or last employer and work backwards making sure the dates are in the correct order. Provide the job title with responsibilities and the period you worked for them. If you are a newly qualified teacher (Early Careers Teacher) and you have not worked before you should give details of your practice schools here. It is very important that you provide an explanation for any gaps in employment. Any voluntary work undertaken may also be included.
  2. Education and training Give a list of all the qualifications you possess and relevant training courses you have attended. Information here will be used to assess whether you meet the qualification requirements. Ensure nothing important is omitted. Please note that you will be asked to provide originals or certified copies of relevant certificates.
  3. Rehabilitation of Offenders Act The school has a duty to protect children and young people in its care. Please ensure you complete this section fully. Successful applicants will be required to apply for an enhanced disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). Further information can be found at If you need to provide sensitive or confidential information in this section, you should provide it in a sealed envelope addressed in strictest confidence to the headteacher or Chair of Governors.
  4. References will be requested before interview in line with the current version of Keeping Children Safe in Education statutory guidance. Any issues raised in the references may be discussed at interview. For all ECT applicants we will usually take references from your main practice school and college tutor. Please do not submit open testimonials with this application form.
  5. Pension If you secure a job with an Ealing school/organisation, then the information provided here will help us ensure your pension details are set up correctly. Please do not leave any section blank. If it is not applicable, please indicate with N/A.
  6. If you have a disability Ealing schools are committed to employing people with disabilities. If you have a disability, you want us to know about, please give details of adjustments you require for the selection process or to do the job itself.
  7. Supporting statement This is the most important part of your application, as it is where you show how you have the skills and knowledge for the post.

Make sure you read both the job description and especially the person specification to ensure that what you write is relevant. You may find that you are required to only respond to some of the criteria set out in the person specification, if this is the case you should be guided as to which criteria to respond to in your application. For each criterion you will need to explain/give examples of how your skills, knowledge and experience make you suitable for the job. We would ask that you number your responses to match those on the person specification.

If completing a paper application form, we would prefer that the supporting statement be typed on separate sheets of paper. Please make sure that your name and the post you are applying for is on the top of any separate sheet. Handwritten statements are acceptable but remember they need to be clear enough to read and be photocopied.

Monitoring information

Please remember to complete the monitoring information. This is important information that the school needs in order that we can determine whether our equal opportunities policy is working about employment. Also please sign and date the form. If you are completing the application form online, you will be asked to sign the form at interview.

Some points to bear mind

  • Your application should be written in a concise, well-organised and positive way.
  • Use active words such as 'I planned', 'I organised'.
  • Do a rough draft first aiming to make impact throughout but especially with your first and last sentence. This avoids mistakes and allows you to organise your application properly.
  • Do not submit the same application for all jobs. Remember no two schools will be looking for the same thing so look at the requirements listed.
  • Re-read what you have written, then look again at the person specification. Have you addressed all areas? Do you sound positive and confident? Have you shown that you are/will make a professional, capable teacher who enjoys working in a lively and diverse borough? Convey your suitability for the job but also aim to reveal a sense of your personality.
  • When you are satisfied with your application, check again that all parts are complete and take or keep a copy before sending it off so you can remember what you have written, if you are called to interview.
  • Remember the closing date for applications and allow enough time if you are posting the form.

Sending your application

If you are completing the Ealing teaching application form in response to a specific position that has been advertised, please ensure you send it to the address stated on the front of the application form and/or advertisement. Alternatively, it can be found in the school information pack sent to you with the application.

Please make sure you keep a record of your completed application form. Not only is this useful if you are called for interview but it will also assist you if you later need to enquire about your application.

Thank you for considering a teaching post in Ealing and good luck with your application.

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Last updated: 11 Oct 2023

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