HR policies and procedures

Here are Ealing Council's HR policies, procedures, statutory guidance, forms and schemes listed in alphabetical order:

Core HR policies schools should adopt or adapt

Other HR advice, guidance and forms

Absences due to the coronavirus Colleagues are reminded of the provisions that already exist for teaching and support staff in schools in circumstances where they are required to self-isolate or are placed into quarantine.

Absence - Guidance on managing absence and attendance (pdf) (December 2021)
This document provides guidance, information and advice to help schools manage absence and attendance issues.

Absence- application for leave of absence for reasons other than personal illness (word)

Fit note guidance (pdf) and Fit note sample (pdf)

Adoption provisions for school support staff (word)
Extract from the local terms and conditions.

Comprehensive equality and diversity policy (pdf)
Ealing Council's policy, vision and purpose to ensure we deliver equality and diversity to you as staff, and to our residents, customers and partners.

Death in service
What to do if an employee dies in service

Equality Analysis Assessment (EAA) - links to equality analysis assessment page

Flexible working policy, Flexible working guidance, application form

Foundation stage additional entitlement provision (pdf)
Advice to headteachers of primary and nursery schools about both the flexibilities available to them as employers and any limitations in organising staffing for the additional entitlement for three and four year olds.

Harassment and bullying guidelines (word)

ICT - appropriate use of ICT in schools (word)
Advise for using any form of ICT, in or out of school.

Industrial action guidance for schools January 2023 (pdf)
Guidance on strike action for headteachers.

Industrial action risk assesment template (word)
Risk assessment document for strike action that schools may wish to follow.

Legal advice on employment matters insurance scheme details 2024/25 (pdf)
Schools legal advice on employment matters. A minimum number of 40 schools will be required to join the scheme for it to be considered viable. Scheme joining form to be emailed to by 26 Apil 2024. Legal advice operation of scheme 2024/25.

Legal advice on employment matters insurance/mutual scheme claim form (word)

Long term sickness scheme for schools April 2024 (pdf)

Long term sickness insurance claim form (word))

Managing unsatisfactory performance (word) (revised 2012)
For support staff only, if school's capability policy is for teachers only and does not include support staff.

Maternity insurance scheme for schools April 2024 (pdf)

Maternity insurance claim form (word)

Maternity/parenting leave scheme for teachers (word) April 2018

Maternity/parenting policy for school support staff (word) March 2015

Maternity/parenting provisions for school support staff (word) Extract from the local terms and conditions.

Mental health illness guidance (pdf)
Guidance on managing mental health illness in school.

Model staff induction guidance and checklist (word) September 2011 PPA - model policy (word)

Probation policy and procedure for school support staff (word) February 2016
Guidance for schools on probation and model procedure for governing bodies.

Recruitment and selection guidelines - links to recruitment guideline and forms

Redundancies guidance for schools (word) updated November 2021

SEN teachers allowance guidance (pdf) September 2010

Teachers' terms and conditions (word)
Teacher's terms and conditions in nursery, primary, secondary, day special schools and other teaching services maintained by the council.

Work/life balance- model policy (word)

These policies are supplemented by Ealing's local agreement on terms and conditions and their implementation (pdf). Summary of local agreement on terms and conditions (pdf).

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Last updated: 23 Apr 2024

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