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The Ealing governor toolkit has been developed by the workforce and governance development team, other Ealing officers and governor associates, to provide support predominantly to Ealing maintained school governing boards (GBs) and Ealing local authority (LA) officers/associates working with them.

As a council our vision for all schools is that they are well supported by good or outstanding GBs which, efficiently and effectively carry out their three core functions as described in the Governance Handbook (January 2017):

  • Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Hold the executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
  • Oversee the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent.

The templates, information and guidance below have been designed to offer support and ideas which GBs can use and develop as appropriate to suit their own needs. Their use should help to:

  • Improve awareness of governor roles and responsibilities
  • Increase understanding and therefore participation in the strategic development of the school
  • Provide examples of templates GBs may use to more efficiently structure the way meetings, committees, reports, etc.

These documents should be adapted and used as appropriate as a result of gaining information, self-assessment, needs identification or to help with priorities.

Feedback on their content and use will be much appreciated. Other documents you think would provide additional support for GBs would be welcomed. Comments and documents can be sent to

Recruitment, induction, succession

Job description – school governor (word) updated March 2017

Job description – chair (word) revised March 2017

Job description - vice chair (word) March 2017

Code of practice (word) updated March 2017

NGA model code of conduct 2016

NGA expectations of headteacher and governors of each other (pdf)

New governor induction checklist (word) updated March 2017

Delegation of key governor roles (Michele Robbins) (word)

Governing board succession planning — summary (word) updated March 2017

National Co-coordinators of Governor Services (NCOGS) succession breeds success revised February 2017 (pdf)

GB structure and membership

NGA skills audit revised March 2017 for governors of single schools in line with DfE competency framework for governance.

Governors of MATs should access the audit from the NGA website.

Full governing board terms of reference (word) - updated March 2017

Westminster Council standing orders template (word) - revised January 2016

GB meetings

Annual governing board work planner - example one (three committees) (word) updated March 2017

Annual governing board work planner – example two (three committees) (word)

Governing board agendas (word)

Effective governing board minutes – how good are your minutes? (word) updated March 2017

Governing board minutes audit (word) updated March 2017

Governing board meetings health check (word)

GB committees

Committee structures (word) updated March 2017

Committee terms of reference (word) updated March 2017

Terms of reference for curriculum committee (word) updated March 2017

Terms of reference for finance committee (word) updated March 2017

Terms of reference for personnel committee (word) updated March 2017

Monitoring progress

Governor visits to school (word) updated March 2017

Headteacher report to the governing board - March 2015 (pdf)

Questions — ie examples of governor questions (word) updated March 2017


School Financial Value Standard (SFVS) - an overview (word)

DfE SFVS assessment form (word) 2016

Valuable lessons (pdf)

Self review

Governing board NGA 20 questions updated March 2017
[Based on the All-Party Parliamentary Group’s “20 Questions for School Governing Boards to ask themselves”] (word) - replaces the GB self review based on 20 questions as questions have been now been updated by NGA

SEF exemplar template (word)

Individual governor review (word) updated March 2017

Chair of governors review (word)

GB statutory policies

DfE statutory policies and other documents governing boards are required to have by law (word) updated March 2017


Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (word) updated March 2017

Being prepared for Ofsted inspection - briefing paper with checklist (word) updated March 2017

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Last updated: 22 Mar 2017