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Ealing Learning Partnership (ELP) is a partnership between schools and the council to promote educational excellence and well-being for all learners through collaboration and innovation.

Driving greater collective responsibility for outcomes through new structures will make the best use of expertise across the sector and the best use of resources for the benefit of Ealing’s children and young people.

The following statements of intent capture the ethos of the partnership

  • High challenge: Low threat – promoting growth and innovation
  • Responsive to the needs of schools so they can make the greatest difference to children and young people
  • Working together to ensure value for money across all services for children and young people.

ELP was formally agreed in February 2018 following the investment of 86 Ealing schools and the council for one year. In November 2018, the council announced its commitment to fund the partnership for another two years. On 11 January 2019, 87 Ealing schools committed to a two-year investment in the partnership through the subscription model 2019-20 and 2020-21.

The interim ELP board successfully achieved its remit in establishing the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the partnership with schools in 2017-18. Its driving aims – No learner left behind: No school left behind are supported by its vision for sustainability:

  • Community of schools: from collaboration to shared responsibility
  • Successful schools: great outcomes for all young people – choice for residents
  • Strong partnerships: better use of collective resources especially for our most vulnerable children
  • Creative solutions: reducing the risk of financial vulnerability
  • Recruitment and retention: An attractive place to work - opportunities and support

What has been achieved so far?

Working directly with schools and council teams, the ELP board has achieved significant momentum since 2017 with six co-led committees established to drive forward its aims and objectives.

1. Learning and achievement

Securing consistently high standards of teaching and learning to achieve outcomes amongst the best in London through skilful and sustainable collaboration.


2. Safeguarding and wellbeing

Anticipating and responding intelligently to safeguarding needs through strong collaboration between schools and services.


3. SEND and inclusion

Improving educational attainment and life chances for our most vulnerable children and young people including those with SEND.


4. Progression, pathways to employment

Ensuring that every young person is on a pathway to sustainable employment.


5. Recruitment, retention and financial sustainability – schools

Supporting schools to spend well for less – efficiency through creative solutions.


6. Business growth and communications

A visible, agile partnership that attracts investment and talent through its core purpose and success.


The two-year plans for each committee set out collaborative actions and milestones for measuring success.

These are now published on the ELP website alongside termly digests for schools capturing new developments, opportunities and achievements.


In spring 2019, resources will be allocated to a number of “ELP commissions” designed to empower groups of schools to lead on behalf of the partnership’s aims. Some of the emerging themes that will drive the commissions include:

  • Developing leadership and improving outcomes in reading in the primary years
  • Reducing the variation across schools in the progress and outcomes of children on SEN support
  • Raising expectations for our significantly underachieving groups by concentrating on parental links; peer support and earlier exposure to the world of work
  • Extending mechanisms for peer review and peer learning to mobilise expertise and knowledge
  • Learning Communities linking research and practice for curriculum leadership.

Schools are encouraged to think about areas of excellence that they are ready to share through peer learning, networks and clusters and in submitting bids to lead on ELP programmes and projects.

Outcomes for children and young people

2018 progress and outcome measures for children and young people in Ealing schools are the best yet! Look at the success of our schools in 2018 (add link to other pages in report).


A new ELP website and logo was launched in July 2018. Our aim is to streamline and modernise communications so that there is a one-stop portal at all levels, keeping partners up to date with opportunities and resources www.egfl.org.uk/elp

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