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An example content page is the health and safety page.

Content pages

In the middle

The content of each page sits in the middle. At the bottom of the page you can find links to related content or related services.

On the right

On the right hand side there are:

Popular pages - links to popular content within relevant categories: Ealing Learning Partnership, facilities, finance and data, human resources, and services for children.
Services for schools - core and statutory services offered to schools. Annual buy back and pay as you go services and costs.
Find a person - search for a person in school or at Ealing Council.
Key dates - selct link to view meetings in the calendar.

On the left

On the left hand side you will find the main sections within each category and its sub sections.


The pages on this website have downloads available to view and save. These are located on the download section near the bottom of a news page and services for schools page.

Downloads can be a document, spreadsheet or a pdf.

You can recognise these links as these have document type in brackets written after the links (word), (pdf) or (excel).

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Last updated: 07 Apr 2022

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