Liability and responsibility

Liability and responsibility of the gatekeeping author and web content owner.

You are responsible that your content pages and/or gatekeeping items and attachments:

  • Clear - use plain English (pdf)
  • Formatted correctly according to Ealing Council housestyle protocols (pdf) as this is important to maintain a professional standard
  • Reviewed for accessibility
  • Correct
  • Up-to-date
  • Timely (setting achievable deadline dates for your audience)
  • Of interest to its readers
  • Relevant to the functioning and improvement of schools and outcomes for children
  • Reproduced as a web page (not a letter), without the 'Dear..' and 'Yours sincerely '.

You should ensure:

  • Whenever you refer to outside sources of information, to cite the sources from which you drew information
  • All references to named people and/or organisations do not contain any libellous implications
  • You have permission to use images, trademarks and copyrights (ie images, logos, slogans, phrases, symbols, etc)
  • No items and attachments are submitted that should not be in the public domain. The web team can password protect content for you, but you must explicitly instruct the team to secure your information if necessary.
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Last updated: 08 Sep 2022

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