ECT quality assurance

Here is the Ealing quality assurance (QA) process:

A school is likely to be chosen for quality assurance if:

  • No QA process took place in the last three years
  • The headteacher and ECT lead are new to the role
  • There is a high number of ECT's or ECT's qualified through a quicker route such as assessment only
  • serious issues with ECT procedures were identified in the previous academic year or the school is in the requires improvement Ofsted category
  • Low retention of ECTs
  • High rate of retention or where excellent practices are identified

Special circumstances when the QA may take place includes cases when a school:

  • has requested reduction of the induction for an ECT
  • has an ECT at risk, on an extension or raises concerns about their induction
  • is judged as inadequate by Ofsted but needs to fill vacancies
  • has capacity issues that affect ECT induction

Ealing quality assurance process of ECT's involves:

Documentation sampling evidence:

  • School's ECT induction policy
  • Evidence of the ECF programme
  • ECT timetables
  • Support provided for mentors
  • Action plans/ individualised programmes for each ECT
  • Progress review records via ECT manager
  • Dates of weekly mentor - ECT meetings
  • Observation of ECT's teaching - notes with feedback
  • QA self-evaluation completed by headteacher

During the QA visit

  • Interview with the headteacher and lead for ECT induction and where possible chair of governors/ GB rep
  • Interview with mntors and induction tutprs
  • interview with ECTs
  • Looking at the evidence, where possibe conduct a learning walk in the classroom of ECTs

In special circumstances

  • Monitoring visit where there are concerns or ECT extension
  • A school judged inadequate by Ofsted but needs to fill vacancies. Report will be shared with HMI
  • A school has capacity issues that affect ECT induction
  • If necessary, when considering a reduction
  • Notes of the visit will be provided after the meeting

Concluding the QA process

If the AB is satisfied with the evidence

  • The AB will issue a summary report within 20 days highlighting good practice and providing suggestions and recommendations where necessary
  • The school will be encouraged to share their good practice with other schools via ECT events, ECT manager and case studies.
  • Support will be offered in needed.
  • If the AB is not satisfied with the evidence provided by the school, it will request additional evidence.

If the AB is not satisfied with the evidence

  • The AB will request a school visit to explore evidence and reach a conclusion regarding induction process, highlight where there is good practice as well as identify areas for improvement and school's needs for support from AB
  • The visit will help safeguard the school from challenges nd problems that can arise as a result of incomplete processes
  • If there are concerns / areas for development, the AB and headteacher will agree a follow up visit for the next terms.
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Last updated: 03 Mar 2023

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