Register an ECT with Ealing Appropriate Body

Registering an early career teacher (ECT) with an Appropriate Body (AB) is a statutory requirement. Failure to register the ECT as soon as they start at your school may result in a delay to the start of the induction period.

Here are the steps to registering your ECT:

ECT is offered a teaching post

  • Conduct pre-employment checks
  • Check if the ECT is eligible for induction
  • Ensure the ECT is provided a suitable post for induction

Appoint your Appropriate Body

Register the ECT with Ealing Appropriate Body

Visit Ealing ECT Manager. If you are using Ealing AB for the first time, register your school and then register your ECT. You can also add induction tutors/ mentors.

  • Begin the registration of your ECT
  • Agree AB’s terms and conditions
  • Enter information and review before you submit to the AB
  • AB will review details and authorise.

Select an Early Career Framework programme

Full induction – register on the DfE portal

Core induction programme – register on DfE portal. First phase of the fidelity checks will take place prior to induction.

School based programme – Plan your programme. First phase of the fidelity checks will take place prior to induction

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Last updated: 03 Mar 2023

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